Attitude of Gratitude

The topic today has everything to do with business coaching success. When a business coaching client is grateful to us for the improvements we have helped them make in their lives and business, it’s vitally important for him to acknowledge it. By being grateful, one will tend to attract more of the good into their lives. That’s why one of the things we ask of clients upfront is that they acknowledge and thank us for the life-changing advice.

Many of us are so busy with our everyday lives that we just don’t take time out in our days to be thankful. In fact, some even wait till Thanksgiving Day before they set aside the time to observe this simple but powerful act.

This is a shame because we have lots to be thankful for. Regardless of situation. It doesn’t matter where you are in your life. You can always change it. Your current situation isn’t permanent.
What can you be thankful for?

Here’s a small list for you to choose from if you’re having trouble with it…
• Being able to live another day
• Ability to see another sunrise or another sunset
• Good or excellent mental and physical health
• Ability to move around, walk or run
• Ability to see, hear, taste, talk, and smell
• Having a close-knit or supportive family
• Being able to have children (many strive for it all their lives and never can have any by themselves)
• Having wonderful children who are contributors to society
• Having food to eat (regardless of what it is)
• Having an education (no matter what level you’re at)
• Having a roof over your head

There are so many things in life which are given to us we just take for granted – everyday. Some of the things we should be grateful for have actually been given to us for free. We even take the air we breathe for granted. What if the air were polluted?

If you just think about it hard enough, there are probably other things as well in your life that you can be thankful for.

Those people who are not being thankful everyday can be very poisonous to your life. Imagine someone who bombards you daily or every other day how life has dealt them a bad hand, how life is miserable, and how they wish they weren’t born into this world. I know a few people like that. Their attitude just repels others from being around them. No matter what you tell them, they store up so much anger and resentment that they will just dish it out on anyone who is there to listen.

These are people we can try to help. If they just continually bring you down and the situation does not improve, just walk away. When the environment doesn’t suit me, I change it by moving to a different environment.

Dr Wayne Dyer, the famed author and speaker, did a demonstration once on public television for his program ‘The Power of Intention’. He had one woman hold up her arm horizontally and think positive thoughts. While using all her strength and at the same time Dr Dyer pushing down on the arm, he found it difficult to push down. Next, he told her to hold up the same arm and now was instructed to think negative thoughts. As he pushed down again the second time, the arm was much weaker and could not resist as well the force downward.

This demonstration showed how negative thoughts, feelings, and energy sap the body of its strength. The same applies for gratitude. When a person is grateful, positive energy passes through the body and vice versa.

Being grateful is not only good towards your health but also towards your soul as well. I remember being misled once in a very big way that led to me feeling very lost (directionally speaking). I just could not believe I was misled all that time.

I started to realize that the turning point came for me when I decided to change the way I looked at things. I decided, not something that just happened. Instead of resentment and anger, I replaced it with gratitude. Yes, gratitude.

One painful experience that turned out to be a major turning point in my business life was when I was misled by a partner and ended up losing a significant amount of money.

Sure, I could have been bitter about it. I decided not to let circumstances dictate the way I felt. I chose to feel good about myself and my experience.

Here’s why…

Once I began to see that the experience offered an opportunity to learn about myself, my environment, other people, and what led to the “betrayal of trust”, I started to feel good about myself. I had learnt some fundamental lessons from that experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. These were lessons that have saved me more than once from making the same mistake and also helped me develop my business through advising others. The experience taught me how to “see-through” people for what they were and to take on only their positive strengths like persuasiveness and leadership ability. It is very eye-opening once you open up to your mistakes.

Not only did I learn some valuable lessons, I could also see a great difference in my progress compared to those who went through the same experience. My peers became disillusioned after the experience and could not come to terms with the lessons dealt to them. They made little personal, career, and business progress since then. They still resented that experience and carried the chip on their shoulder wherever they went.

So gratitude also sets you free. It sets you free from the chains of resentment, anger, fear, disappointment, depression, unhappiness, etc. When you replace those negative feelings with positive ones like gratitude, you’ll be amazed with your progress five years later.

On a more personal note, I was walking through a night market earlier today and a thought flashed through my mind. I noticed the stall owners sitting around waiting for business to appear. They lacked the ability and know-how to change their existing circumstances. They became much like sitting ducks waiting for things to happen. It became even clearer then that where I was 10 years ago is really quite different from today because of the learning experiences, people I’ve met, and places I’ve been. The skills I’ve been “taught”, the mentors I’ve met along my journey have all made an indelible mark on me.

What’s the chip on your shoulder? What burden have you been carrying all this while on your back you’d like to be rid of? What experiences in the past have been holding you back from moving forward?

These are all questions you should ask yourself as you set course for the future.

Be thankful EVERYDAY for your gifts.

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