Leaders Who Are Followed

Leadership has become a vital part of business development. A good leader will inspire all those around him to follow him. He does not have to coerce or manipulate anyone. A good business leader also has the ablity to “sell” his ideas to his team.

For many business owners though, leadership is uncommon. Most team members or employees see their “boss” as an idiot, they wonder how an incompetent business owner somehow manages to keep the company afloat.

Many business owners don’t even know what it takes to be a leader. They think that leadership is about people management. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Management is done by managing directors, vice-presidents and middle management. As the president or CEO of a company, a business owner is responsible for the vision and direction of the business. His main task is to “lead the way” by virtue of example.

An interesting article from Forbes here discusses what employees should do to manage a situation where the boss is an idiot. While few will actually say it to a business owner’s face, this belief that business owners are fairly incompetent in managing the business is much more common than it appears. The article demonstrates what actually happens from the opposite side of the table.

If a business owner doesn’t lead, he will be led by his team. He who does not lead will be led by others. If his team member is incapable of leading or influencing a positive result (possibly because the owner doesn’t have the skill to attract good team members), he’ll most likely leave out of frustration. The latter is usually the case because some business owners are simply too stubborn to accept suggestions and believe their people don’t have a clue to what’s happening whereas the opposite is actually true.

Having been an independent party to companies by being the business coach to CEOs and presidents of a company, I’ve found that in many cases, the overall feeling surrounding a business office dramatically changes for the better when the business owner started taking charge by being a leader rather than a business manager all the time.

A good business leader will elicit feedback, both positive and negative, from his team members and develop a positive atmosphere of trust and open-communication. The business owner brings out the best in his people by pushing them to their highest performance levels – levels no one has experienced. With this, team members who have the right mindset will derive more satisfaction from their work and work even harder to better themselves. All because the stage was created and nutured by the business owner.

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