New Advertising Medium?

Stuck for fresh, innovative ideas to market your business?

Some go to great lengths in order to come up with highly creative and crazy ideas to advertise a business. In today’s post, I explore cases where companies take advantage of new technology that search engines have made available.

Both Google and MSN offer a fun service called Google Maps and MSN Earth. This service offers web users to view aerial/satellite imagery for free.

This store among others painted its logo on their rooftops to take advantage of these satellite mapping services.

While it is fun and costs nothing to advertise except the cost to paint the logo or sign on your rooftop, a small business might be tempted to use it. My take on this: Don’t.

Here’s why…

    A small business is highly unlikely to possess a readily recognizable logo or sign. Such logos and signs usually take years and require millions in advertising dollars to brand and imprint on their buyer’s minds.
    Your buyers are also highly unlikely to find your business via this medium. Think about it – when your buyers want your product or service, how do they find you? For many brick-and-mortar businesses, their customers and clients come from time-tested, proven marketing mediums like word-of-mouth, newspaper advertising, yellow pages, etc.
    Advertising with a painted rooftop also gives a business owner challenges in tracking where their sales come from (if at all). Traditional forms of marketing and search engine advertising offer easier ways to keep track of where leads and prospects come from.
    Such advertising forms also don’t lend itself to direct response marketing. Direct response gives you a direct correlation between advertising cost vs. return on investment which is immensely valuable to small business owners who don’t have coffers like the big companies do.

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