Repetition is the Mother of Learning

Following on the last post on thinking, we will cover life and business mastery.

This is an important tie-in to the earlier post about your overriding thoughts. Thinking is a great activity but actions must be taken or you are just building sand castles in the air. Don’t be a daydreamer wondering how much better your life can be – do something about it!

Depending on how quickly you learn and adapt to your surroundings, different degrees of repetition need to be exercised. It’ll vary from individual to individual but all these aspects of repetition need to be practiced regularly.

Overall, repetition is an important part in business success.

So, what exactly do you need to repeat over and over again? Time is such a valuable currency that we certainly don’t want to squander it away. What warrants the extra time invested?

To know what actions to repeat, consider the ones that will make the most difference.

There are four aspects to repeatedly focus your attention on. They are:
1. Education
2. Good habits
3. Personal and professional associations
4. Taking consistent action on your critical success factors

The first area is education. To learn from the proven masters of business, you’ll want to immerse yourself in the success principles, techniques, and methodologies of successful people daily. Whether it is by reading, listening or attending business seminars, by repeatedly conditioning your mind to think like a successful person, you can reprogram yourself for success.

Continuous immersion in the proven ideas, concepts, and strategies will start you on your way to your own super-success.

The next aspect is your success habits. This is related to the first in that you need to relearn and reprogram yourself to start thinking like these people. Now, with the proper mindset in place, you repeatedly work on developing your “new” comfort zone. Rather than fall back on what you were previously comfortable with, you develop new, positive, goal-attaining success habits that will assist you on the way. These habits cover all aspects of your life: discipline, proper diet and eating, exercise, daily thoughts, daily activities, etc.

An important habit is that of Never Giving Up. While difficulties may arise, the strong and steadfast survive. Staying focused on your ultimate objective and continuously taking action is the only way to become successful. Successful people do what unsuccessful people are willing to do – follow through.

Just these two alone isn’t enough. You continuously reinforce your thoughts and actions with positive associations with people around you. Who do you associate yourself with regularly? It’s a pretty good chance that if you associate most of your time with “poor-minded” people, you’ll be “poor-minded” as well.

Learning from different people similar ideas will eventually drive home key ideas that you may not have truly understood when you first heard it. I personally experienced one of my biggest breakthroughs only after hearing the same message repeated to me in various forms more than 7 different times.

The other benefit to having positive associations is developing your own mastermind group. In Napoleon Hill’s timeless classic “Think and Grow Rich”, he emphasizes the importance of building a mastermind team. Your mastermind group will assist you through some of your most difficult challenges. Their successes will “rub off” on you.

Now repetition doesn’t just mean positive reinforcement daily. It also means taking important actions that make a difference. These are critical success factors.

True mastery is about performing those important actions over and over again. Some may result in minute improvements in your business but will have the most dramatic effect in your business in the medium and long term.

An example of this would be the creation of proper operational policies, procedures, and systems. Many put it off simply because in most cases it doesn’t add anything to the bottom line in the short term.

When the business starts to grow, however, the “cracks” start to appear in a business. The weaknesses of the business start to be exposed. People in the organization start to behave in an even more disorganized manner as the business grows. Everything that was done poorly in the past becomes magnified in a larger business.

Discipline is very important here. And that’s why success habits were the second aspect to major success. Being “pig-headed determined” about what you know needs to be done will serve you well in this area. Never take your eye off the ball. You keep working at it until it works. As Murphy’s Law would have it, most things don’t turn out the way you want them to the first time round.

Like a karate grandmaster, you practice the 10 basic, but critical moves 1000 times till it becomes second nature. Compare that with what most people would do which is: Do 1000 different things throughout their life only 10 times/attempts. Worse, some don’t even attempt at all. It’s no wonder most people never truly master the skills they require to become successful.

If you really want to excel in your business you need to work on all these aspects that make a difference in your business. The more focus you place on it, the more you will rise head and shoulders above your competition.

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