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Introducing the Revolutionary Team Building System that Helps YOU, the Business Owner, Create, Develop, and Maintain High Performance Championship Teams…

All With… No Traveling Required…No Large Investment…No Expensive Company Retreat Necessary… No Long, Protracted Discussions or Meetings Needed…No Complicated & Costly Training Programs…

From: Anthony Yap
Tuesday, 10:27 AM

Dear Business Owner,
I have no idea how you got here. But it really doesn’t matter. If you are a business owner, I’d be willing to bet that you’ll find the following report enlightening, to say the least.

Do you have in your organization any of the following challenges …

  • Unmotivated employees…
  • Underperforming employees…
  • Difficulty resolving conflict with certain employees as well as among employees…
  • Trouble finding the right people for the job…
  • A high turnover rate resulting in loss of time and productivity…

Ok, Ok, I’m sure you’re feeling the pain as I list these off. After all, I don’t need to pour salt over your wounds, do I?

If you are experiencing any of these problems, consider yourself fortunate to have chanced upon this page.

Now, how did I know you have these pains? Am I a mind-reader?

Far from it.

It would be great to have the ability to read minds but I certainly don’t possess that skill. What I do have, however, are real-life encounters with business owners like you who have shared their inner-most business needs – the needs that don’t get talked about often because no one but a fellow business owner deep in the trenches will truly understand.

You are not alone in your plight…

You see, thousands of business owners from all around the world share the same exact situation you do right now. Many of them live in the agony of their business, dealing with irresponsible employees, unmotivated and underperforming employees, and high turnover rates.

And you’re probably one of them if you are a business owner…

I’m here to tell you that you are in danger of burn-out…

Yes, that’s right. If you continue at your business with disregard to enhancing the productivity of your employees, you risk burning yourself out trying to put out the fires that happen in the business regularly.

Without a proper system in place to resolve internal conflicts, manage increasing numbers of employees in your business, keep employees motivated, and keep tabs on individual performance, you are severely underperforming in your business.

As incredible as it may seem, I’ve discovered a system that can dramatically transform your business into a high-performing, money-making machine that cranks your products and services out like clockwork…

There is NOT one person out there who has put together such a COMPREHENSIVE solution to your employee handling issues. This system has not been available until now…

The best part is, I’m going to blow all the smoke away…and completely revolutionize the way you run your business forever…

If you’ve ever wondered why you could never hire the right people into your organization or why people just weren’t motivated to excel at their work… you’ve come to the right place.

If you are tired of the trial and error in your organization, now’s the time to put an end to it all!

Having worked with a number of business owners spanning different industries, they’ve pretty much had the problems of unmotivated or underperforming teams in one way or another.

If you are like me, you devour every book on the subject in existence, hoping that it would enlighten you enough to help you solve the problems. While it might work for a while or work in a certain area, it never really considered the full spectrum of issues involved with the subject.

Many cover the issues very superficially, by telling entertaining stories of what others have done. They may cover a few principles here and there but never really providing you a framework to make it happen in YOUR business.

In short, they never tell you exactly HOW to do it…

These problems have persisted ever since the workforce became extremely mobile. In the past, there was no talk about “moving on” to another company (possibly competitors) because most people considered their jobs “safe”. They would work their lifetimes in ONE company and collect a hefty pension at the end that would support a very comfortable lifestyle. They never talked about job-hopping because it was never in their vocabulary.

I know this work ethic really well… I saw my parents live that life as well as many of their generation and those before them.

I’m going to let you in on this in case you didn’t already know:

The world has changed…

People are more mobile than ever. People are not only focused on the tangibles like income from a salary, they are also taking into account the intangibles like benefits, work environment, career path, flexibility in hours, telecommuting options, etc.

Both men and women are considering family as a priority over work. Given a choice, they would rather spend time at home with their kids. It’s about lifestyle now.

People work out of necessity in the past. Now, people work by personal choice. BIG difference!

People are and will continue to be complicated…

They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. They communicate differently and they learn differently. They are motivated by a number of factors and have different personalities.

You have to deliver a consistent, systematic message and follow through with actions that reinforce the behavior that you seek.

I cover specific strategies you can put in place the next day that will help you alleviate any miscommunication and any misunderstandings. You’ll learn exactly how you can improve the communication skills and receptivity of everyone in your team.

In case, you’re wondering if this is something tough or complicated to implement, let me take the mystery out of team building for you…

I want you to know that this is not magical. I’m not going to wave a magic wand and make all your problems go away. My system requires some work and lots of discipline. It will take a while to get used to implementing new ideas because they tend to be very different from the norm. But then again, that’s why it works.

If you did what everyone else was doing, what do you expect to get?

The same old results you’ve always got!

I’ve made it simple for you the business owner to take advantage of this system without any personal instruction

If you’re ready to shed the old system and embrace the new, let’s go into the basic steps required of this system…

First, get rid of the “employee” mindset. You must shed the thinking that these people are your employees. These people are your “team” and you are the coach of that team. I cover detailed ways you can start being the leader in this system

Here’s the thing: If you expect the best of your people, that’s exactly what you get. If you look for the worst, you get the worst. It’s the Law of Attraction and Radiation.

Second, you create rules for your business. What’s acceptable? What’s not? These are rules everyone in our organization will live and breathe. I provide you with examples and worksheets to determine what these should be for YOUR business, not someone else’s.

Next, you have to fire those people causing you the most problems. That’s right, fire them now before it’s too late! It will save you more time and money in the long run to do so, not to mention some peace of mind.

Now, some of you might be whining there saying something like, “But, I can’t fire my secretary (or whoever) because he/she’s indispensable…”

Bull-stuff! Hogwash!

You can, and you should.

If you get rid of these problem cases, you’ll find miraculous things start to happen in your business. The whole environment starts to change and become more positive. The secret is in how you organize everyone after these people have left.

You’ll learn in my system exactly how to instantly ATTRACT the best people into your organization – even if you have little money to offer as bait.

After firing people, you have to hire the right people to replace those you fired. Hiring the wrong people won’t get you anywhere. It’s like jumping on the first bus or train you see without noticing where it’s going – you are only concerned with how fast you are traveling. Going fast won’t get you to your destination any quicker if you’re going in the wrong direction.

Hiring to desperately fill a void will only lead to more problems. The very problems you are trying to avoid.

You get the right people into your organization and things go a lot smoother. I cover exactly how you can find the best team members for your organization in my system. You’ll find these people will come out of the woodwork somehow and wrestle for the coveted position in your business…yes, wrestle over it!

After, you have managed to attract the talent into your organization; it’s time to build a cohesive team.

It’s not about a team of champions, rather you want to create a championship team.

The latter wins accolades, awards, and do well while the other doesn’t. In my system, I cover the systematic processes you can use to bring out the best in your team. No guesswork required.

What would this team building system be worth to YOU?

A little or a lot?

What if I could reveal to YOU, my step-by-step system to accomplish high-performance team building that will free up your time and let you enjoy more quality time with the ones you love or to do the things you love to do but never had the time for…

It all comes down to how much value you place on your business and your life. Business team building need not be a painful, drawn-out, and expensive experience.

You can spend months spinning your wheels going through countless hours of interviews searching for the “right” candidate.

You could put up with the frustration of an obviously underperforming team.

In my system, it takes care of all that for you. It covers from beginning to end, start to finish, comprehensively, the step-by-step, paint by the numbers way to build your team.

See, my clients routinely pay me upwards of $500 per hour to consult with them. That’s $2200 for a one-day consultation alone and many continue to stay on for several months. I could easily ask you to pay me tens of thousands for this valuable information.

So, why am I willing to share this system for next to nothing with you today?

Because I truly want to see you succeed. In my informal meetings with business owners, I’ve come to know some who have reached the point of no return. Their business was sinking fast and there was no one who could help because it was too late. The business consumed so much of the entrepreneurs’ energy that they were just plain exhausted and ready to give up.

It saddens me to see a business fail because it affects not only the owner, but also those who work for him/her. Relations go sour between partners, employees get de-motivated, numerous lose their jobs and their income, and those who do lose their jobs have to go home and tell their families to tighten the belt till he/she finds another job.

And it was really hard for some business owners to fork out thousands for consultations with me simply because they were even making that kind of income themselves. Some barely scraped by month after month on the little profit they had leftover.

I just couldn’t bring it upon myself to ask a fellow business owner to take the little income he needed to support his family and invest in my programs. I may be tough on the outside, but I’m actually soft-at-heart.

I didn’t want to see business failure happen to anyone, regardless of their business size, industry, or profitability.

I wanted to make this system available to everyone and share the secrets that I’ve discovered, developed, and refined over the years consulting with business owners like you.

What is about to revealed to you will enable you to change your situation dramatically. It is the culmination of decades of experiences from a number of industry experts. In fact, I’m so confident, I’ll stake my own personal 110% guarantee on it.

Here’s how it’ll work…

This one-of-a-kind team building manual will only be made available about two months from now.

I’m not accepting any orders right now but I am accepting a note of interest in this program. In order to secure your copy immediately upon release, you need to provide me with your name and email.

Once this team building manual is ready, I’ll inform those on my list FIRST before releasing it to the general public.

So, why should you be first? That’s because first-movers have advantages. I’ll throw in some valuable bonuses not available anywhere for any price. Only those people who have signed up for this pre-release notification will be eligible. Once the product is released, those bonuses will no longer be available. Absolutely, no exceptions will be made. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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