Thinking Big

Before I go into this week’s story, I’d like to share a story with you.

There was a baby elephant part of a circus troupe. The trainer and caretaker assigned to this elephant was tasked to “tame” the wild animal and train it to do his bidding.

For the first few years, this little elephant knew only it’s master was this trainer. The elephant was chained securely and could only walk about within a 30 meter radius. Whenever it tried to go farther than that, it would sense the pull of the chain and had to back up. Because it was still young, it didn’t possess the strength of an adult elephant which would surely have broken the chains and ran free.

After the initial years of training and with the constant tug of the chain whenever it went “too far”, the elephant began to relegate itself to the area it could walk around on.

As the elephant grew larger and stronger into the true elephant it was to be, it only knew the confines of the space it had been given.

It never travelled any farther than the chain would allow. In time, the chains were removed and still, the elephant travelled only within the confines defined by the chains that held it captive for so many years.

This elephant had developed self-imposed limitations. Even with the great strength and size, it wouldn’t go beyond what it knew for the years it was chained.

Are you like this matured elephant?

Some business owners have experienced the status quo of their business for so many years that it’s hard to imagine a bigger, better, and more profitable business. They’re so used to the fact that they experience a 10% growth from referrals year on year. In short, they believe that business is “as good as it gets”.

Thinking big is more than just dreaming big. It’s not what many people think, which is: building sand castles in the air.

It’s also about the belief systems, mindset, daily thoughts, and consistent efforts towards your goal.

Of course, having a big dream is a start. It’s sad that so many people relegate themselves to the confines of what only they believe to be true.

I just saw a story about a Korean teenager who imposed her will on what could or could not be done. Because of birth defects, she only has four fingers, two on each hand. Both of her limbs needed amputation so she was only about one meter tall.

Given the physical limitations this girl has, many would have given up and accepted how the cards had been dealt.

Not her.

In spite of her physical challenges and setbacks, she continued to work hard in the field of music. Again, given the physical limitations, she has, many music schools would not even accept her. Strangely, she chose the piano as her instrument – an instrument that would “require” ten fingers like a “normal” person. Even when schools turned her away, she practiced tirelessly and now plays piano music in public performances. Listening to the quality of her play alone, one cannot tell that the music she played was accomplished with only four fingers. Truly an incredible show of will and an inspiration to us all indeed!

She made a CONSCIOUS choice to be more than what people believed she could be capable of.

Now, back to business and how this relates to you.

How big of a business empire do you imagine yourself having?

You have all the intelligence, capablilities and resources that you need right now. You only need the guidance through business coaching to bring the best out in you.

Many can’t imagine owning a private island – your very own private resort. This is my dream and I know it will be a reality in time to come. This may seem like bragging or wishful thinking to some. For these people, thinking big is probably not for them.

Let’s face it: Being an entrepreneur is hard. It takes sacrifice and dedication. While others play and rest, you work towards your goal. Public holidays? What holidays! Almost every day is work except for the vacations you CHOOSE to take.

Only by dreaming BIG will you be BIG. And with these dreams, you must reinforce your belief systems that will support you in your quest to achieve that dream. With the constant review of your goals, you then take the actions that will help you reach it.

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